Nathan has spent the last 6 years as Operations Manager while streamlining processes and ensuring the compliancy of NBN.  With focus on safety and efficiency, Nathan is moving NBN to the next level to better serve our customers.

After more than 50 years of combined experience in the Chemical Industry by NBN's founders, the idea of NBN Powder Packaging  was born.  In 2009, NBN Powder Packaging, LLC was formed.  After two years of developing the business plan, the business took shape and roots were established in Elyria, OH. 

With our experience in the Chemical Industry, focusing on Packaging and Processing needs, we realized the necessity for specialized Toll Packaging and Processing in this market. We concentrated our efforts on Packaging and Processing of materials so our customers could  focus on what they do best…manufacturing and selling  their products.  You commit all of the resources, capital, R&D, engineering, and employee expertise toward perfecting the products you provide.  NBN offers the same level of emphasis in the packaging and processing of your materials.   

As the original member of NBN Powder Packaging, and the creator of the idea behind the company, Lance has been the guiding light through the start up of NBN Powder Packaging.  With over 40 years experience at BASF, Lance is fully versed and knowledgeable in the workings and day to day operations of a large Chemical Manufacturer.  He understands what is needed and why NBN's services are valuable to the Chemical Industry.


​​​​​​​​​At ​NBN Powder Packaging we aim to provide our customers with expert Packaging and Processing that exceeds their needs, and those of the entire supply chain.  We focus on the needs for Specialized Packaging and Processing of raw materials, intermediate, and finished goods in order to improve our customer's processes and improve their costs.  We seek to provide these services in the most timely manner and with the highest degree of quality to achieve a cost advantage.  NBN Powder Packaging looks at each contract as an agreement not between a business and it's customers, but between partners that wish to create a close and mutually beneficial long-term relationship.


NATHAN HAAG - ​Operations Director


As one of the founders of NBN Powder Packaging, Andrew has devoted the last 8 years to growing the company to what it is today.  His goal is to continue to grow the company and ensure the best service and quality possible.

ANDREW NEUSCHAEFER - Operations Director

LANCE NEUSCHAEFER - Financial Director

After 25 years in large scale manufacturing, Matt has joined forces with NBN to take over the role of Operations Manager.  Matt is determined to build on what Nathan has created and ensure that NBN continues to move forward in an efficient manner with a focus on putting out great work.​

​MATT NEUSCHAEFER - Operations Manager

​​DANE SZENTE - Quality Control Manager 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​CHRIS GREEN - Plant 1 Foreman 

​After 2 years of service with NBN, Chris has a solid knowledge of what needs to be done in order to meet deadlines and ensure that our customers needs will be met.

After 3 years of working on the ground floor of NBN, Dane has been promoted to Quality Control Manager.  With his military background and his degree in Physics, Dane has a great mindset and skill set to ensure that the product that leaves NBN will arrive to the customer as expected.